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Welcome to Insider Travel! We are happy to know you are considering working with us. Our travel jobs offer a unique and exciting opportunity for those passionate about exploring new destinations and cultures. You will have the chance to traverse the globe, experiencing the richness and diversity of different regions while working. These roles are perfect for individuals who seek adventure and are eager to broaden their horizons.

The perks of our travel jobs extend beyond the joy of discovery; they often include competitive salaries, flexible working hours, and sometimes, accommodation and travel expenses. Whether you’re interested in hospitality, tour guiding, international business, or any field that crosses borders, our travel jobs provide a gateway to combine your career aspirations with your love for adventure. 

Who We Are

Unwavering in its commitment to authenticity and sustainability, Insider Travel offers a unique array of experiences, each meticulously crafted and led by the very soul of each destination: its local residents.

These tours transcend the typical, surface-level sightseeing, delving deep into the cultural heartbeat and hidden gems known only to those who call these places home.

From the bustling street markets of Bangkok, where family recipes passed down through generations come to life, to the serene, undisturbed trails of the Andes, whispered about only in local legends, Insider Travel ensures that travelers don’t just visit a place, they immerse themselves in it, fostering genuine connections and supporting the local economy.

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Travel JOBS

We are currently looking for tour managers


Insider Travel is looking for an outgoing tour manager to lead 5-10 day tours in all our destinations. The person we are looking for will not be a tour guide per se but more of a manager who attends to the participants needs and brings A LOT of enthusiasm to our tour groups. Which means you absolutely have to be a fun person in order to qualify. 

What you’ll do

  • Lead tours in your city or nearby destinations from your home town
  • Attend to all the needs of our tour groups


  • Native English speaker (or close to native). Spanish-speaking skills is a plus!
  • You must be living in (or near) our tour destinations
  • Must be fun, outgoing and extremely talkative
  • Must be a quick learner, especially if you haven’t traveled to our destinations
  • Willing to learn and study the history, culture, and landmarks of the tour location
  • A friendly, approachable demeanor and the ability to handle customer inquiries and complaints with professionalism
  • Capable of walking and standing for extended periods, sometimes in varying weather conditions
  • Ability to handle unexpected situations or emergencies calmly and effectively
  • Punctuality and the ability to adhere to a scheduled itinerary
  • Comfort and experience in speaking in front of groups
  • Ability to manage tour logistics, including ticketing, transportation, and group coordination
  • Willingness to work on a flexible schedule, including weekends, evenings, and holidays
  • Depending on the region, a clean background check and appropriate licensing may be required
  • Understanding of local safety guidelines and the ability to communicate these to tour participants
  • Respect for diverse cultures and the ability to engage with people from different backgrounds

What we offer

  • This is a freelance travel job position where we can assign you to lead a tour based on your availability. 
  • Starting salary is $200 USD per tour participant (i.e. group of 5 = $1,000 USD)
  • Salary will increase depending on your first tour with us
  • Travel perks and discounts
  • If you can write articles or take photographs/videos, we can sponsor your personal trips anywhere in the world (for experienced tour managers who worked with us at least 3 times)
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